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About Us

Creating A Community Space

Welcome to Edel Haus Farm, an iconic gentleman’s farm that has been left largely intact from the early part of the century.  In 2010, we began developing the property and the farm in the hopes of creating a space for the community to enjoy, while also raising our now beloved alpacas.  Edel Haus farm provides a place for people to come and find peace with the animals, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life.


Open from 11am to 4pm every Saturday year round, we invite all members of the public to stop by for a visit, spend time with our friendly herd of alpacas, and enjoy our beautiful 14 acres of land.  Community involvement is crucial to the mission of the farm, which is why we invite local groups on an appointment basis.  Whether it’s the Brownies, Boy Scouts, high school photography classes, special needs groups, or senior citizens’ outings, we welcome you to take advantage of all that Edel Haus has to offer.


Located just two miles from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Monmouth County N.J. Edel Haus Farm is just west of Belmar, Spring Lake, and Sea Girt communities.  Many commonly refer to the area as Exit 98 and it is where the country meets the Shore.  We value the rich farm heritage that exists in the Garden State and we support the preservation of farmland.

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visit our store

If you can't get enough of our alpacas...

Our store features the fiber from our herd, which is sent to a mill, and spun into yarn.  Crafters and artisans use this yarn to knit, crochet, felt, and other creative techniques.  Knitters particularly enjoy using alpaca because it is easy on the hands and feels soft to the touch.  Alpaca yarn is crafted into a variety of wearable items – from socks to sweaters, and from blankets to rugs.  


Alpaca yarn is three times warmer than wool.  It is lighter, stronger, and more comfortable.  Along with these qualities, it’s important to note that it is hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for those with any sensitivity to other natural fibers.  It’s virtually water resistant, so you don’t’ have to worry if you get caught in the rain or a flurry of snow.


Alpaca is such a versatile fiber that troops in Afghanistan, skiiers, and mountain climbers alike, all wear alpaca socks since it wicks naturally, is light, and comfortable.  Whether you plan on wearing your alpaca for an adventure or just cozying up to it in the winter, you’ll find it’s both luxurious and functional.  

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